What Is Success?

What is success? We talk so often about success and successful people. Have you ever wondered what exactly the word "success" means to you? What criteria and attributes help determine what constitutes success? Most of them blindly pursue it to the end without understanding the meaning of this word.

If we talk about success in terms of financial heights, then of course a person with a great career and a lot of money is considered successful. A person achieves success in the financial field. If his social status is high, then of course he has achieved success here as well. But this does not answer the question of what is success in general and what is a successful person. In addition to money and high social status, there are other aspects that all together form the understanding of universal global success. After all, it happens, and quite often, that after achieving financial success, a person is very unhappy in his personal life. Because of this, a more detailed, comprehensive definition would be more interesting, after all, success occurs in social, professional, family, and personal life.

Humans are naturally inclined to feel hunger - not only physical, but also spiritual. We need communication, recognition, respect, love. And money cannot always satisfy these needs. We need friends, companions, a loving second half, without this, money loses all meaning and value, doesn't it?

However, even without money, especially in the presence of a large deficit, would we be able to fully enjoy love, friendship, fame? Would we be able to properly care for our loved ones and family members? The conclusion is inevitable: true success is the absolute harmony of the material and spiritual worlds, their components. Success is the ability to create the life you want. That is, to achieve the set goals and feel pleasure about it.

Each person has his own personal, individual and unique perception of the world. First of all, how a person perceives success depends on many personal characteristics. It is a character and some of its features separately. For example, ambition, emotionality, temperament. And that is why some are happy that he is loved by his wife and a couple of children at home, while others passionately seek the attention of the whole world. For some, a loaf of bread is the most expensive and most desired thing, while for others, a million is not a lot of money!

Everyone deserves to think and define the real, full meaning of this word. Stop for a moment, leave the crazy modern life for a while and think, what are you striving for? Where do you need recognition? Whose favor are you waiting for? What property do you want to receive? How do you understand success? Do this now and you will have an accurate compass that will guide you on the right course to swim in the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLife. It will help you maintain strength and confidence in various situations and will open the way to the cove you desire, the name of which is "Dream"!

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