How To Finish The Work Started

How often do you start a promising job or project and end up throwing it aside? Most people do this often and it's a big problem. A person can be very talented, intelligent, but if he does not know how to finish the work he starts, he will not achieve good results. Only results bring profit, success, recognition, wealth. And unfinished work does not bring results. Then one gets the impression that a person works a lot, tries hard, takes on new projects, but does not get any benefit from them. Such a situation eventually breaks a person and he feels like a loser.

One of the reasons why work is not completed is lack of motivation. In this case, there is a goal, of course, where to travel, what to do, but there is a lack of energy to reach the goal. If you want to never run out of energy to get things done, follow these tips:

See the final result.

Use your imagination and see what will happen when you finish your work. Most of the time, it is difficult to imagine everything in detail, so you can describe your final achievement. Describe in as much detail as possible: the result, your feelings, how your life, communication, environment, work, rest will change when you finish the work. Try to feel those emotions. After describing everything in detail, transfer it all to your imagination and try to create images that will motivate you to move forward.

Use negative motivation.

Often, negative things are much more motivating than positive things. Therefore, don't forget to think about what will happen if you don't finish your work, don't reach your goal, give it up. How will you feel? What will your life be like? Do you really want this? Write it down and try to create visuals later. And know that when you're not trying to get work done, you're moving exactly where you least want to be. Often a person does not think about what will happen. He thinks, maybe he will be lucky, maybe he will slip, something will fall from the sky. Try to look at everything soberly. Don't fool yourself. Think about your true standards and don't let anyone lower them.

Use the help of those around you Remember that you are not alone. You will always find someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve. You can always turn to him for advice and help. You can use books, seminars. You can find an environment where everyone is motivated, which will help you to be motivated as well. Ask those around you for support or the necessary control (a "kick in the ass"). You can always find someone who will make you do what you want to do.

Another reason for unfinished business is the fickleness of desires. If a person does not know exactly what he really wants and is controlled by short-term desires and goals, then there is a high probability that his tasks will change much faster than he can complete them. Such a problem usually occurs when big life goals are replaced by the satisfaction of short-term needs. Then life moves forward, and a person with his goals and tasks stands still, nothing changes in his life. At this point, you should stop and reflect on what you really want, what life goals are important. Everyone has dreams, values, imagination, how everything should look like, what should be changed, what should be preserved. Build on that and set your direction and purpose in life. Don't let unimportant things make you forget about it. Let tasks help you achieve important life goals and become your priority.

It is difficult to finish the work you start if you are undisciplined and do not know how to plan your time. Laziness, bad planning and work habits, lack of good qualities, such as: discipline, will, responsibility, usually hinder this place.

You can fight laziness only by being active. Consciously observe the thoughts associated with laziness and try to replace them with active actions that will lead to useful activities. Understand where these thoughts are leading, how damaging they are. Make your life as active as possible so that you don't have time to be lazy. As soon as you notice that you are starting to get lazy, immediately start an activity that will help you finish the unfinished tasks. Find an activity that will be more enjoyable for you than laziness.

Discipline is like a muscle that needs to be trained. The best way to do this is to develop a habit of doing something consistently. It can be sports 3 times a week, a contrast shower every morning, reading useful literature after breakfast... You must understand the benefits of discipline, only in this case you will be able to overcome all the difficulties of its education. Start planning your time, it will help you become completely disciplined. It is exactly the same with the will. Put yourself in a position where you constantly have to beat yourself up. Start with easier tasks and gradually progress to more complex ones.

In any larger-than-life task, there will be difficulties, problems that will make you want to quit and start something new. This is not an option because the next task will be exactly the same. Problems and difficulties do not mean that you have chosen the wrong task, it means that you simply do not know the solution at this time. And you need to focus on finding that solution because it separates you from completing the task. And this is always the case, it is to be expected and hoped for, because no great goal is achieved easily.

These are just a few features that will help you finish what you start. A person is a set of qualities and it is not necessary to have all of them. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, use them. If you lack willpower, maybe you have creativity and can complete a task without any effort of will. You may not know how to manage your time at all, but you know that you always keep your word and you can take advantage of it. In any case, the basis of everything is motivation: if you can motivate yourself well, all the other necessary qualities will appear by themselves. Don't forget and don't throw away the unfinished work, because each completed work will take you to a higher level where you will have learned something new, become stronger, happier and gain new strength to move on.

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