How To Build A Good Relationship

Life without communication is impossible, every day we communicate with friends, colleagues, family, random persons. A lot depends on the quality of communication: personal well-being, results and achievements, career, family life. Everyone dreams of having a wonderful relationship, and in order to have a good relationship, you need to follow the appropriate rules.

Take responsibility

To take responsibility is not only to admit your fault, but to be ready to correct your mistakes. Those who blame others, their partner, but not themselves, lose the opportunity to change something. Admitting your fault is difficult, but if you don't admit it, the problem will remain unresolved. Even if you think that you are innocent, try to put aside your selfishness for a moment and think about whether you really did nothing that could have influenced the situation. Even an inappropriate reaction to someone else's act can ignite a conflict. Taking responsibility does not mean blaming yourself. It is an understanding of how much and which partner can participate in the solution of the problem. If you don't blame your partner, but take your share of responsibility, it will be much easier for your partner to do the same. Always ask yourself what you can do to improve the situation.

Resolve conflicts

Most of the time, conflicts are never resolved. People get angry, then reconcile, and forget about the cause of the conflict. Therefore, conflicts arise in the future for the same reason. To avoid this, you need to find out the reason and take steps to eliminate it. This should be done with joint efforts, help each other and control yourself so that another conflict does not arise.

Admit your guilt

A person will forgive you much faster if they see that you admit your guilt. Even if a lot of time has passed and the conflict is forgotten, admitting your guilt will be pleasant to those around you.

Listen and accept criticism

In a conflict where people exchange accusations, usually neither side listens. Each side is in a defensive position and this prevents you from receiving and understanding what the interlocutor wants to convey to you. Try to change this, because there can be a lot of truth in criticism, maybe sometimes it is exaggerated, but by listening we can find a way to solve the problem and think about what we are doing wrong.

Notice the benefits

When we communicate with the same person for a long time, we get used to his qualities, especially the positive ones. These qualities often become the norm and thus go unnoticed, flaws are more often noticed. You need to know this and constantly pay attention to it, constantly think about what positive qualities a person has and do not be afraid to tell him this.

Be honest and open

It is much more pleasant to communicate with sincere people who take their partner into account when communicating and are not hidden in a corner and drowned in their thoughts and secrets.

Be tolerant

Every person is different and this should be understood and accepted. We will never change those around us and make them what we need them to be, unless they themselves want it. If we do not know how to accept a person as he is, we will constantly feel tension, dissatisfaction and the resulting negative communication. Therefore, it is necessary to become more tolerant and accept a person as he is, from this it will only be better for everyone.

Learn diplomacy

In communication, it is not always useful to say everything directly, each person receives information differently and the reaction may also be different. If you learn to adapt to the person, to speak politely, without insulting, to avoid the question properly, you will create a much better relationship and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

The basis of the relationship is trust

If there is no trust, there will never be a good relationship. This is how they will communicate with you, but that communication will never be sincere and open. And without sincerity and openness, there is no relationship. Keep your promises, create an image of an honest person, and those around you will appreciate it.

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