Goal setting - SMART method

Lack of motivation to realize your aspirations and dreams? Confused and don't know where to start? We suggest that you try a simple but not bad method to achieve your goals more effectively. Be open and honest with yourself, consider whether what you dream and strive for will actually give you meaning and make you happy when you achieve it. In other words, is this a realistic aspiration of yours? If so, try the SMART method. Perhaps many have heard of the method, but for it to work, you have to act according to this method, the way you yourself set out to achieve it. In this case, only you yourself are responsible for how you will try or be honest with yourself. So, the SMART method:

S (specific) - specific, clearly formulated, you must clearly state to yourself what I want and what I want to achieve with it, how it will be achieved, when, where and why it is important to me.

M (measurable) - measurable, you must clearly understand how much and what you want to achieve. Clear knowledge will allow you to monitor how close you are to your goal, how much you have left to achieve, so you can assess your goal accordingly, monitor it and adjust your goals if necessary.

A (attainable) - when setting a goal, you have to consider whether it can really be achieved by me. Do I have all the capabilities and resources to achieve that goal? If I don't have it, can I get it to continue working towards my goal? How will I get it? In order to achieve your main goal, you may find that you need to start with a few smaller goals, accomplish them first, and then focus on the ultimate goal.

R (realistic) - realistic, should match your personality and abilities, it shouldn't be "I want to achieve this", it should be "I can achieve this".

T (time-bound) - time-bound, time-bound must be set, specific time settings allow you to monitor progress. A goal must have a specific start and end time. This way, you will be able to see more easily what you can still do towards your goal every day, and how much time you have left.

The most important thing is to write down the goal plans. Plan daily and track what you managed to do today towards your goal. Follow the plan honestly, after all it is your dream and aspiration, it depends on you whether you will achieve it and how you will achieve it.

Do not be afraid to adjust them, monitor yourself and analyze them in order to achieve your goals. Over time, a person changes, his capabilities, desires and aspirations change, but if you set the main goal after honest consideration according to this method, be honest with yourself, pursue your goals and make your dreams come true!

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